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On the road to excellence

Sustainability is embedded in the genes of ECN. For decades, committed employees have devoted their efforts to achieving a sustainable energy management system. They have done far more than was expected from them and have successfully assumed their responsibilities. Since 2011, at ECN we have been translating this passion into a consistent and targeted policy on corporate social responsibility (CSR). This policy is increasingly taking clearer shape and today we are at the point where we can proudly display our first successes. At the same time, we realise only too well that there is still a lot left to do!


In 2013, we focused primarily on ECN's CSR policy. We wanted the values of our immediate environment to have a strong influence on this policy. For this, we conducted a stakeholder dialogue with our employees, the Supervisory Board and management, and we asked customers what they find important. Based on the information gathered and working together with the consultancy Royal HaskoningDHV, we have identified three iconic themes closely related to our mission. Through these iconic themes, we want to communicate how we intend to fulfil our social responsibility. We want this to be reflected in the performance of our core tasks, the design of our sites, and in what we give back to society. We will do our utmost to set the tone and play an exemplary role with respect to these three aspects.

New working group

In 2013, we drew up an implementation programme, which formulates specific objectives for each of the three iconic themes. A new, ambitious CSR Working Group will start operating from February 2014, in order to achieve the objectives, under the leadership of a new project leader. We think it is important that staff members from all ranks and all age groups within the organisation are represented in this working group. Hence, a broad internal recruitment campaign was launched at the end of 2013. By now, the new working group has been set up and is eager to get off the blocks.

Systematic progress

We have identified twelve indicators for monitoring progress, for each of which we want to achieve systematic progress within ECN's renewable energy business organisation. NRG reports separately on its CSR policy. The above indicators are derived from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and are used by organisations throughout the world. For each of the indicators, we have formulated measurable goals. Here, we publish the first report of our performance with respect to each of the indicators.

Robert Kleiburg, COO