Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)

In 2013, ECN started the process of updating the now 12-year-old environmental permit as well as the basic hazard identification and risk assessment, based on the Working Conditions Act (Arbowet).


We want to ensure that all employees pay greater heed to the environment and safety considerations in their daily practice, which involves working with installations and hazardous substances. For this, our research teams are increasingly performing simple risk assessments, such as the Last Minute Risk Analysis. The introduction of the 'STOPnGO Card' ensures that people stop working as soon as someone on the team has even the slightest feeling that the work cannot be performed in a safe manner. In 2014, ECN will introduce these new tools throughout the organisation.

Three incidents

The increased attention to safety awareness has been prompted by three incidents that occurred in 2013, all of which had led to sickness absence and one of which could have had a fatal outcome. Fortunately, the employee involved is fully recovered now, but the incident forced ECN to face the facts. Following this, the research unit in question implemented a 'Ten Point Improvement Plan' in 2013. The other two incidents of absenteeism concerned administrative staff and were related to incidents involving slipping and falling.