“Now we have a perfectly
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Sjaak Stengs, Environmental Manager at
Rietlanden Terminals BV

Environmental research

Through its expertise in environmental monitoring, ECN has developed a considerable command over this field. It develops practical applications for the market and public sector and applies its expertise in the field of construction products at the European policy level.

ECN represents the Netherlands in European negotiations on leaching standards.

Preventing pollution

In 2013, ECN launched a monitoring system in the market, with the help of which companies can continuously monitor the origin and movement of dust clouds at their sites. This enables them to take immediate action, in the event of any threat of nuisance to the surrounding area. The system has been successfully tested at Rietlanden Terminals in the Port of Amsterdam and has since then attracted a lot of interest from other companies.

Air quality

Particulates, ozone and other harmful substances in the air are measured via the AiREAS and JOAQUIN projects. AiREAS is the name of a network of measuring boxes, installed at various locations throughout the city of Eindhoven, for the purpose of measuring air pollution. All data are stored and analysed within a central database. ECN used a similar system, but with the help of a mobile measuring unit, to measure the air quality in Amsterdam. This was done as part of the European project JOAQUIN, in which ECN works together with the City of Amsterdam and RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). The purpose of these air measurements is to get a clearer picture of air quality, especially in relation to health issues.


The Soil Quality Decree (Besluit Bodemkwaliteit) specifies limiting values for soil and groundwater contamination caused by emissions from waste materials of construction materials. The Decree is based on models developed by ECN and is internationally recognised as being state-of-the-art. This is evident from the fact that the Ministry of Infrastructure has requested ECN to represent, on its behalf, Dutch interests in the negotiations for a European standard for emissions of hazardous substances from construction materials.