New course

Strategic plan

New choices translated into practise

Not just in Europe, but all around the world, making the energy system more sustainable is a prominent theme on the agenda. This means that there is a growing market for sustainable energy and for technologies that generate energy in a sustainable manner.

In 2012, ECN acquired a solid position in the Top Sector Energy.

Starting point

Innovations at the cutting edge of economy, energy and climate call for independent and reliable knowledge and for applicable, sustainable technologies from various disciplines. ECN can offer all of the above. We have an excellent starting point, but are also facing decreasing public means and economic downturn.

Strong sector

There are nevertheless ample opportunities. The Netherlands has a strong, innovative energy sector. It is not without reason that ‘Energy’ has been selected as one of the nine Dutch top sectors where entrepreneurs and researchers receive government support to engage in intensive collaboration on promising export products. In this force field, ECN is able to act as the bridge that is needed to make sure that fundamental knowledge from the world of science becomes broadly applied via the market. In 2012 we were able to acquire a strong position in various Top Consortia For Knowledge and Innovation (TKIs) , particularly in the Top Sector Energy, of course.

Value for Energy

2012 was the first year in which the Value for Energy strategy adopted by ECN in 2011 was implemented. To improve our ability to respond to new developments, we made new choices concerning the activities that ECN focuses on as well as the detailing of the company processes. These choices have now been put into practise.