Making the difference together

Strategic plan

To fulfil our mission, we do not only have unique expertise at our disposal; we also have a superior research infrastructure: well-equipped experimenting facilities, a test field for wind turbines and a state-of-the art workshop where experimental installations, prototypes and high-tech components are designed and realised, both for ECN and for third parties.

Sustainable energy is vital to the world and offers opportunities for businesses

Core activities

ECN has identified six core activities for the period 2012-2015: These are areas in which we have observed opportunities that we will seize together with trade and industry, authorities and knowledge institutes.

  • Solar energy
    Together with manufacturers of solar panels, manufacturing equipment and materials, ECN deploys the latest scientific insights in usable concepts for solar cells, modules and processes. The challenge is to lower the cost of solar energy and hence make it more widely applicable.
  • Wind energy
    In this area ECN focuses on substantially lowering the cost of offshore wind energy by improving the design of wind farms, turbines and turbine components, by developing programmes for more efficient maintenance and through integrated deployment of knowledge of the wind farm system.
  • Biomass
    ECN contributes to the bio-based economy, with focus on thermo-chemical conversion of biomass. Research areas include pre-treatment, gasification, gas cleaning and bio-refining.
  • Energy efficiency
    ECN is working on making industrial processes more efficient, for example by means of heat pumps, separation technology and revolutionary chemical reactors.
  • Environment & Energy Engineering
    ECN designs and realises experimental installations, prototypes and high-tech components. We support innovative businesses and organisations that work on ground-breaking technology.
  • Policy Studies
    ECN has engineers, economists, social scientists and environmental experts who jointly work on strategic advice in collaboration with the technical units.